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Evaluation of Professional Development Projects
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Concrete to Abstract (Metropolitan Community Colleges and Avila)
PI:Debbie Goodall (MCC)
Evaluators:Gwen Richtermeyer
Kaaren Fife-Samyn
Constructing an Understanding of Physics (Rockhurst University)
PI:Robert Hegarty
Evaluator:Steve Brown
DNA, Disease, and Development (University of Missouri-Columbia)
PI:Miriam Golomb
Evaluator:Marty Patton
Improving Student Achievement in Science (Metropolitan Community Colleges and KC)
PI:Marilou Joyner, Higher Education Partnership
Evaluator:Bruce Jones, (UMKC)
Improving Student Mathematics (Southwest Missouri State University)
PIs:Kurt Killion
Clyde Paul
Evaluator:Gay Ragan
Making Sense of Data (University of Missouri-Rolla)
PI:V. A. Samaranayake (UMR)
Evaluator:David Hough
Summer Physical Science Institute (University of Missouri-Columbia)
PI:Meera Chandrasekhar
Evaluator:Marty Henry
Systemic Initiative in Inquiry-based instruction (Central Missouri State University)
PI:Somnath Sarkar
Evaluator:Pris Callison
Teaching and Learning Physical Science (Stephens College)
PI:Bill Brent
Evaluator:Jim Cramer
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