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Evaluation of Professional Development Projects
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Constructing an Understanding of Physics (Rockhurst University)
PI:Robert Hegarty
Co-PI:Nancy Donaldson

DNA, Disease, and Development (University of Missouri-Columbia)
PI:Miriam Golomb
Co-PI:Patricia Friedrichsen
Fostering Science Learning through Inquiry-based, Student-centered Pedagogy and Learning Communities (Missouri Western State College)

PI:Martin Johnson
Co-PI:Michael Ottinger
Instructional Technology for Life Science Teachers (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
PI:Louis Odom
Co-PI:Jerry Wyckoff
Making Science Accessible to Students through Inquiry (Lincoln University)
PI: Gouranga Saha
Operation Science! An Enhancement Approach to Physical Science (Southeast Missouri State University)
PIs:Sharon L. Coleman
Summer Physical Science Institute for Middle Level Teachers (6-9) (University of Missouri-Columbia)
PI:Meera Chandrasekhar
Co-PIs:Mark Volkmann, Bruce McClure, Steve Keller
Teacher Enhancement in a South-Central Missouri Rural Science Coalition (University of Missouri-Rolla)
PI:Allan Pringle
Co-PIs:Ron Bienick, Evalee Lasater
Using Inquiry and Technology-Based Instruction to Improve Teacher Quality in Physical Science (Southwest Missouri State University)
PI:Kandiah Manivannan
Co-PI:Brant Hinrichs, Drury University
Denise Fredrick, Springfield Public Schools

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