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Evaluation of Professional Development Projects
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Funded for 1 year
gecKo mathematics: Foundation for Mathemematics Proficiency (Truman State University)
PI: Janice Grow-Maienza
Co-PI: Darl Davis
Teacher Enhancement for Active Middle School Science in Kansas City (TEAMSS - KC) (University of Missouri - Kansas City)
PI: Jerzy Wrobel
Co-PI: David Ketchum, Michael Nelson, Louis Odom, & Libby Stoddard
Funded for 3 year
Professional Development for Enduring Understanding of Science via Inquiry and Literacy (Lincoln University)
PI: Gouranga Saha
Co-PI: William Kyle, Jr.
Science Education and Quantitative Literacy: An Integrated, Inquiry-Based Approach (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
PI: V. A. Samaramayake
Co-PI: Evalee Lasater
Connect 9 Math (Three Rivers Community College)
PI: Mary Lou Brown
Co-PI: Kevin Wheeler
Quality Elementary Science Teaching (QUEST) (University of Missouri)
PI: Deborah Hanuscin
Co-PI: Delinda van Garderen
Continuing Projects from Cycle 4
Physics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers: Constructing an Understanding of Physics (Rockhurst University )-- In 3rd year of 3 years
PI: Robert F. Hegarty
Co-PI: Nancy Donaldson
Science and Mathematics Achievement from Rural Teachers (S.M.A.R.T) (Missouri State University)-- In 3rd year of 3 years
PI: Lynda Plymate
Co-PI: Kurt Killion, Cheryl Schaefer
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