Evaluation of Professional Development Projects
Evaluation of Professional Development Projects
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Artifact Packages for Measuring Instructional Practice: A Pilot Study (Borko, Stecher, Alonzo, Moncure, & McClam)

BSCS: The retrospective pretest

Consortium for Policy Research in Education: "Instruction, Capacity and Improvement" (Cohen & Ball)

Educational Leaderships article: "A Reader's Guide to Scientifically Based Research"

Horizon Research, Inc.:

Progress and pitfalls: A cross-site look at local systemic change through teacher enhancement (Boyd, Banilower, Pasley, & Weiss)

Results of the 2001-2002 study of the impact of the local systemic change initiative on student achievement (Banilower)

Taking stock: A practical guide to evaluating your own programs (Bond, Boyd, & Rapp)

National Science Foundation: "User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation"

NSF Collaboratives in Teacher Preparation Core Evaluation

Online Evaluation Resource Library

Teacher Education Materials Project: "Designing effective professional development: A conceptual framework"

The Finance Project: "The delivery, financing and assessment of professional development in education: Pre-service preparation and in-service training"

University of Arizona School of Public Health Evaluation Toolkit: "Developing a basic logic model for your program"

University of Wisconsin-Extension: "Evaluation Logic Model Bibliography"

W. K. Kellogg Foundation:

Evaluation Handbook

Evaluation Toolkit

Logic Model Development Guide

What Works Clearinghouse (WWC)

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